At first, the comic was made by dern and prindiville

How dern thought the comic was made

How prindiville thought the comic was made

Then dern made a bargain with obsidian:

Clearly, a lot has changed. Or not.

Are dern and prindiville still friends?
Yes, indeed. We still meet up on occasional weekends to do things like drink scotch or be manly.

How do I contact you guys?
The official email is DERNWERKS (at) GMAIL (dot) COM. I trust you know to subtract certain parts at replace with @s and .s as needed.

Do you do conventions?
Scallywags International does a lot of conventions, but most often that means only dern is at the show. Obsidian resides in the far-off land of Colombia, so getting him to shows takes a little more effort.
If you’d like the two of us to show up at your show, our rider is really, really simple – we need a table to sell stuff at, a hotel room to sleep in, and some travel funds. Most of the travel fund will be going to flying O in from South America. And really, we’re open to negotiation on this, so just drop us a line and tell us about your show.
If it’s not in the USA, we will need a good chunk of time to get the paperwork ready for O to enter the country (and depending on where it is, dern might need to do the same paperwork).
We’re both really experienced at running panels and workshops. We’re also open to recording live episodes of the Cheese Cast and doing meet-and-greets with our fans.

When is the next Cheese Cast?
As soon as it’s edited. It’s frustrating, I know, because with the comic we’ve had a solid habit of always getting the updates up. This will be fixed by the end of the year, where there will always be a Cheese Cast each week.

What is the update schedule?
We update Monday-Wednesday-Friday. This schedule is subject to change, and it has changed a bit. When Hello With Cheese started, it was only on Mondays. Then prindiville and dern went nuts and updated five times a week. When obsidian jumped on board, we dialed it back down to M-W-F.

What Conventions are you doing?
I’ll try to remember to keep this section updated as we are able to announce them. Generally, we’re doing about 12-15 shows a year.
March 29-31 – Wondercon (Anaheim, CA)
April 20-21 – AwesomeCon (Washington, DC)
June 12-16 – Origins (Columbus, OH)
July 12-14 – ConnectiCon (Hartford, CT)
Aug. 9-11 – Otakon (Batlimore, MD)
Aug. 15-18 – Gencon (Indianapolis, IN)