First, a reminder – from Friday, Aug. 30 to Monday, Sept. 2, O and I will be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

This means that from Thursday, Aug. 29 to Wednesday, Sept. 4, we’re going to be AFK a lot, and that Swagshark.com orders will be a little delayed during that time.

So clearly, this is the perfect time for some bargains!

First up, we have some Dragon*Con-related art. We’re releasing 11 new prints there as part of O’s Art Barf series. And if you want, you can get all 11, plus one classic Art Barf, for only $50 (which includes shipping), or $60 for outside the USA (again, shipping is totes included in the cost):

Art Barf Art Sale

If you order this package by Sunday, Sept. 1, all 12 prints will be signed by O.

And speaking of art signed by O, we finally got back our small stash of leftover SDCC exclusive prints. There were only 100 made, and they’re all signed and numbered. Most were sold in San Diego, but a few made it back. We’re giving you Cheesers a shot at them for only $25 (they were $30 at SDCC), so snag them here:

ninjas vs. everyone