O and I are back and recovering from CtCon today. We’ve got about 25 hours before we fly over to the other coast and start prepping for San Diego’s Comic-Con International. I believe he plans on buying some dolls.

CtCon is an amazingly fun show for us. It really is a bit of a family reunion, with our extended family of fans, staff members and fellow webcomics.

I’m going to throw down some awesome links from awesome people now.

Cyanide and Happiness – You ever meet someone famous and think, “Whoa, they’re actually a really nice person.” Well, this doesn’t really apply to these guys. They’re kind of awful. But hey, see y’all Wednesday.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things – This booth neighbor did not stab us. But she considered it.
Romantically Apocalyptic – This booth neighbor didn’t even think of stabbing us. That’s right, I’m judging you.
Fan Boys – Clearly this man was filled with stabbing rage.
Star Cross’d Destiny – She bribed me with liquor and being an awesome person I guess but whatever check out her comic and buy her album.
Star Power – Mookie’s beard is now so luscious, and Garth is so dreamy.
VGCats – Thank you for putting up with my giant robot excitement and constant clips from Robot Jox.
Some dude named Fred – This dude was cool and does something, but he forgot to tell me what it was.