Fun fact: O and I are starting to create a buffer. I’m almost hesitant to mention it, because buffers are easily spooked and can run away. But they’ll be back, and it greater numbers.

Because of this, I’m more likely to post the comic at 12:01 a.m. EST (or around that time). And because I’ll probably be sitting at my computer when I do this (instead of posting the comic from my phone), I’m more likely to post some dern thoughts here.

Thursday was a pretty good day for me. I randomly remembered a friend from high school – I should note, when some people say they’re terrible with names, I have to wonder if they’re just saying that, or if they’re in my personal disaster area. When I was a reporter, I used to call EVERYONE coach. This was because I honestly could not remember any of the names, but I knew their faces. Also, I had a massive list of head coach’s names, so when I wrote the story, I always had the name added on correctly.

But years of doing comic conventions has completely fried out my ability to remember people’s names. I can more or less remember the context of a person, so long as they greet me again in that exact same context. For example, a person I meet while I’m sitting behind my table and talks to me about Scurvy Dogs – I will remember that person as someone that talked about Scurvy Dogs with me. A person that I talked to after the show floor closed and was talking convention shop with me, I’ll remember them standing up and talking. But if that second person comes by the table and talks to me, there’s only a 50/50 chance I actually recognize them that time around.

The only real caveat has been the creators whose work I obsessively read and follow. Those guys, I will sort-of remember exactly who they are every time. I say sort-of, because I’m really not recognizing their face, but instead recognizing their art. And sometimes, I’m not remembering their real name, but instead their twitter handle.

So basically, I’m a horrible person, and I’m really sorry if I don’t recognize you right away at a show.

And also basically, I’ve found that I have no idea who 90% of people I went to high school with are, including people that I actually considered friends. And sometimes, I’ll get that random memory shaken free, and I’ll remember that person. So it being 2013, I’ll do a quick Google search and hunt them down in a “yeah, this is probably creepy” fashion. Because sometimes, you track down that one person, and they turn out to be really horrible. Like, you wonder how on earth you once shared things in common with them. But this time, this time I tell you, it was pretty cool. The person actually turned out to be living a cool life.

Um, which I guest means I turned out horrible?

OK, we’re not going to have dern rants like these all the time. But if you liked them, let me know. And if you’ve randomly reconnected with an old friend lately, tell us how it went.