It’s the Hello With Cheese Fourth Anniversary, and our Scallywags International World Tour continues in 2013! NOTE: No actual sea travel is currently planned.

While we’re still working out the details, it looks like we’ll be doing about a dozen shows in 2013. Apologies to our international fans, but it looks like the whole dozen will be inside the US borders this year. We’re still a little annoyed with the Queen of England for what went down in 2012.

But it also means that this year, O will be at somewhere between three and five shows this year. He’s almost ready for public consumption! His first tour stop will be at Katsucon Feb. 15-17. You can go here to read our new bios.

Dern’s first tour stop is, um, TOMORROW! That’s right, we’re starting 2013 off early with a booth at Magfest. Look for him at the Scallywags International booth, as there’s a slew of new art for sale.

Meanwhile, dern wanted to tell you about a friend’s Kickstarter called Stompadon:

The project really needs some help, even if it’s just forwarding it to a friend that might be interested in it. And it has such an adorable back-story to it, which you can read here: STOMPADON.