So when we initially did the Bigger on the Inside Timeline, there was a fun side effect – a giant list of user-suggested BotI items. Some we knew about and had edited, so that the comic could be done in a normal amount of time (we don’t actually have a TARDIS, no matter how much I need one). Some of it was stuff we’d never heard of (Sport Billy? Wha?).

So yeah, there are still items missing from the list. For example, the House of Leaves. O and I debated it. The book itself could fit on the timeline, but it wouldn’t look right. Also, while the house itself shape-shifts, there isn’t a good online description of the house. We could have drawn it, and possibly gotten it wrong. And that would have been a real crime, as it looks like a book we’d both really enjoy reading. That is, if either of us get time to read again.

And now you can have the timeline in poster form! For only $15 plus shipping and handling, it’s a glossy 18 inch by 24 inch beast, combining parts 1 and 2 of the Timeline.